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Amalfi Driver. Are you looking for Portofino Italy Tours, a nice tour of The Cinque Terre or Portofino and Genoa or the Tigullio Coast.
The steep southern slopes of the Lattari mountains between Positano and Vietri sul Mare are characterized by rocky spurs, overhanging bulwarks and ravines that make this section of the peninsula practically inaccessible and have forced the inhabitants to make their living from the sea. The harsh Lattari mountain chain has always represented a sort of insurmountable barrier that has avoid the easy access for all the travellers for years . The 40 Km long Amalfitana main road, inaugurated in 1853 by Ferdinand II of Bourbon, is the only one that runs along the coast. The inhospitable cliffs and craggy rocks have allowed the Amalfi Coast to maintain most of the impressive yet charming beauty that began to attract hoards of visitors from throughout the world at the beginning of the nineteenth century for its mild climate, suggestive sense of isolation, fascinating landscape and ancient memories.

Leaving aside the tourists that crowd all the tourist resorts during the summer months, throughout the rest of the year Villages built at the headlands and in the bays, surrounded and overlooked by terraces of vineyards, citrus orchards and vegetable plots, appear to be enchanted places where time has stood still. After Positano there are three little islands, called Li Galli, and as the legend the beginning there were the Mermaids, who tried to cast a spell over the insensitive Ulysses with their song, only to be turned to stone for their humiliating disappointment, the three crags of the Sirenusae. The islands have been owned by the famous Russian choreographer Leonide Massine for forty years, then acquired in 1988 by the ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyevt. The coast line appears particularly wild and solitary and this languidness and seduction of it have been always the inspirer Muses of artists, musician and writers such as: Arthur Meadows, Giovanni Lanza, Achille Vianelli, Angelo Della Mura, Franco Zeffirelli (with his villa in Positano), Lawrence Olivier, Liz Taylor, Carla Fracci, Liza Minnelli, Placido Domingo, Alberto Moravia, John Steinbeck, Roman Vlad, Eduardo De Filippo, Wagner Greta Garbo, Leopold Stokovskj,

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